Corporations & Partnerships

Photo of boardroomA “Partnership”, in the business context, is “an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners a business for profit.”   ORC 1775.05(A).  Partnerships can be created by anything from a handshake to a complex written contract. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small family-owned business, a start-up, a closely held enterprise, or a large well-established venture, we offer a full range of legal services tailored to fit your needs.

At Sitterley, Vandervoort & Davis Ltd.,  we have the knowledge and experience to  assist clients with all forms of partnerships including general partnerships, limited partnerships, family-limited partnerships or any other partnership derivative.

Corporations have been variously defined over many years as a legal fiction – a creature of state law – designed to facilitate the transaction of business. For more than a hundred years, corporations have been the preferred way for business owners to limit their liability while pursuing their profit or non-profit objectives.

Since the inception of the limited liability company (LLC) in Ohio in 1994, however, corporations have passed the torch to the LLC as the preferred limited liability entity for business start-ups and closely held business ventures.  Despite this, we have made it a priority to continue to provide expert legal assistance to clients wishing to form a new corporation or maintain or update a long-standing one.

So whether you are doing business as a complex corporation, limited liability company, partnership or a simple sole proprietorship, Sitterley, Vandervoort & Davis Ltd will make sure you receive sound legal advice that protects your interests and advances your business bottom line.

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