About Our Firm

Photo of founder Kermit Sitterley
Founder Kermit Sitterley 1910-2004

historic photo of Sitterley, Vandervoort & Davis office building

Sitterley, Vandervoort & Davis Ltd. is steeped in family history, with roots that go back five generations of Sitterleys and three of Vandervoorts, all living, working and raising families in the Lancaster area. It was founded in 1933, when recent Ohio State University School of Law graduate Kermit Sitterley joined forces with Judge Brooks Shell, who had just stepped down from the Fairfield County Common Pleas bench.

After Judge Shell passed away, Kermit continued to serve clients in the Fairfield County community for the next 65 years. Ever mindful of the importance of family, in 1973 Kermit invited his son, William J. Sitterley, and his son-in-law, Peter M. Vandervoort, to join him as partners. Kermit’s grandchildren followed suit, with Pete’s sons, Craig M. Vandervoort, joining the firm in 1992, followed by Jeffrey K. Vandervoort in 1999.

In 2015, Steven A. Davis was invited to join the family. His success in civil litigation, as well as his expertise in oil and gas leasing and pipeline right-of-ways, expanded our services for landowners and clients facing lawsuits.